Driving for excellence at a missile brigade

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

Drivers of the 25th Air Defence Missile Brigade, based at Strakonice, mastered their skills with combat and support vehicles of the unit at the Military Training Area at Boletice, South Bohemia, this week.

The training area at Boletice is located less than two-hour drive from the brigade base. Professional drivers of the 251st Air Defence Missile Battalion first entered the Dolany ground at Boletice, where they train driving of combat vehicles in difficult terrain conditions.

„The goal of the exercise is to find out the level of driving skills with vehicles on the GM chassis in getting over obstacles and along limited passageways,“ Warrant Officer 3rd Class Frantisek Dolezal, Director of the Exercise, says. Soldiers go along approximately five-kilometre circle where they meet six obstacles. The excellence and time win.

According to Dolezal, the time limit for successful passing is 16 minutes 48 seconds for excellent grade. „But, our personnel reach other times rarely,“ adds with satisfaction.

At Dolany "tracks" and "wheels" at Kovarovice

After evaluation of the drives, personnel of the support company moved to the Kovarovice ground to master driving of wheeled equipment of the 252nd Air Defence Missile Battalion. Staff Sergeant Vaclav Pisa, Director of the Exercise, prepared a three-kilometer route for them. „The local terrain suits very well to us, it offers a lot of driving options. Soldiers practice various ways of driving and find out limits of their vehicles,“ Pisa praises the Boletice terrain.

Drivers of Tatra go along 870-metre long drive with six obstacles. The time limit with excellent passage is less then seven minutes. Even in this case, it is no problem for skilled drivers from Strakonice.

„Drivers are reliable and skilled, but we need more driving courses for new soldiers,“ Colonel Dalibor Zvonek, Deputy Commander of the Brigade, says.

Posted: November 20, 2011