Deputies from the Czech Parliament visit soldiers in Kosovo

Autor: Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

At the end of October 2016 in Pristina, Kosovo, three members of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament participated in the 93rd Rose-Roth Seminar of NATO Parliamentary Assembly Lawmakers.

The three-day meeting covered the future of the Balkans region as well as the accomplishments of the current NATO-led Kosovo Force (KFOR).

While the Czech contribution to the KFOR mission has now been reduced to thirteen military officers, the Czech Republic has so far provided more than 10 thousand military personnel to the mission from 2002 – 2011. For the first four years the battalion-size units were composed of both Czech and Slovak soldiers. From 2002 - 2005, a joint Czech-Slovak KFOR battalion had been contributing to the Multinational Brigade Centre.

The deputies, after meeting with the soldiers serving at the base, went on to pay tribute to the Slovak soldiers who lost their lives fulfilling their duties during the Kosovo conflict after it had declared its independence from former Yugoslavia in 1998.

The Memorial to the fallen Slovak soldiers is located in the southern part of the base (The Mourning Grove), and commemorates the years of joint Czech-Slovak military cooperation in the region.

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By Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

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November 14, 2016