Deployment of Czech soldiers on foreign missions approved by the House of Deputies

Autor: Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

Deputies from the lower house of parliament have endorsed the mandate for Czech foreign missions for the second half of 2018, and for 2019 and 2020.

The mandate was supported by 140 out of 170 deputies on 1st June. With the Senate having already passed the mandate in May, Parliament’s support for the government’s proposal is now substantiated.

"My thanks to all the deputies who have conscientiously supported this mandate. We remain reliable partners in the eyes of our allies. We will continue to serve in the same countries as now, and will be increasing our presence in others, just like our allies. As usual, our presence during missions will be non-combative and to take part in training assignments. In this way, we can continue to protect the Czech Republic and Europe from illegal migration and terrorism," said Minister Slechtova.

Under the new mandate, the number of Czech soldiers serving in Afghanistan, Iraq and Mali will be increased by 275 this year.

Deployments will continue over the next few years in the Baltics at part of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) programme, with the number of soldiers at 290. In 2019, five Czech Gripens and a unit of 95 soldiers will again guard the Baltic air space as part of the Air Policing mission.

In total, the number of deployed soldiers will increase from the current mandate of 806 to 1,081 for the rest of 2018, and then to 1,191 soldiers in 2019 and 1,096 in 2020.

Full deployment of all soldiers and equipment under this new mandate would cost approximately 2.1 billion Czech Crowns for this year. In 2019 the figure could reach 2.4 billion, and in 2020 it should not go above 2.3 billion Crowns.

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  • (Czech Crown: CZK rates were CZK/USD = 21.581; CZK/EUR = 25.165 valid for June 4, 2018)

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By Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

June 4, 2018