Defence Committee supports deployment in the Republic of Mali

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

Defence Committee of the Czech Chamber of Deputies supports governmental proposal to participate in the EU training mission in the Republic of Mali as of this April.

The Czech Republic is ready to deploy up to 50 soldiers from the 1 April 2013 to serve on the EUTM in Mali for 15 months. The task of the first rotation unit will be protection of the mission HQ building in the capital of Bamako and its closest surroundings. “In case the commander or other officials leave the HQ, our soldiers will also accompany and safeguard them,” Lieutenant General Petr Pavel, Chief of the General Staff of ACR, said at the committee’s session.

According to Vlastimil Picek, First Deputy Defence Minister, Czech soldiers will be integral part of the training mission and that they will share the task with French and Malian units.

Depending on request of the Mission Commander, Czech troops will later take part in training of Malian soldiers.

At present, a supply of small arms with ammunition, and electric generators, is being completed in the Czech Republic to be distributed to units of the Mali Army.

Paratroopers of the the 43rd Airborne Battalion based at Chrudim, who returned from Afghanistan recently, will form the first rotation in this non-combat mission.

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Posted: February 18, 2013