Czechs fly back from Lithuania

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

After a four-month service on the BALTIC AIR POLICING mission, Czech air personnel handed over the air policing duties over Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia to the Royal Danish Air Force personnel on 4 January 2013.

A NATO operation aimed at protection of air space of three Baltic states goes on after successful service of 64-strong Czech 2nd Contingent on the BALTIC AIR POLICING. With four SAAB 39 Gripen aircraft within the Quick Reaction Alert service Czech pilots carried out 15 live take-offs, called A-SCRAMBLE, from the Lithuanian Air Force Base at Siauliai.

The changeover ceremony was attended by Vice-Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Lithuania Oto Weniger, Deputy Director of the Joint Operation Centre of Czech MoD Brigadier General Jaroslav Kankia, Defence Attache of the Czech Republic to the Baltics Colonel Zdenek Kubicek, Lithuanian Air Force Commander Major General Edvardas Mazeikis, representatives of defence departments of Lithuania and Estonia, and high officials of embassies of Denmark and USA, together with representatives of local government.

Czech supersonic jets arrived in their home base at Caslav, Czech Republic, the same day, while the whole transport of personnel and material from Lithuania back home is planned to be accomplished by 10 January 2013.

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Posted: January 7, 2013