Czechs dominate at 9th World Snipers Championship

Autor: Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

From 2nd – 6th April, 2017, snipers from 10 countries demonstrated their skills and state of readiness at the five-day 9th World Sniper Championship organised by the Czech 7th Mechanised Brigade at ranges in Bzenec and at the Libava Military Training Area.

Two teams racing to fulfil another task
Two teams racing to fulfil another task

"I was delighted to see a record number of participants this year. In total, there were 38 teams from ten countries competing against each other," said Colonel Pavel Lipka, Commander of the 7th Mechanised Brigade.

The teams of two were divided into three groups participating in various assignments each day. The snipers had to prove their skills while firing from various difficult positions and situations, such as behind a wall, an unstable surface, hanging from a helicopter, at static or moving targets, or in previously unknown or unusual tactical situations.

"The night live firing and shooting from a helicopter was a great experience for us, especially without the use of night vision equipment. This championship always offers something unique and unexpected, from working and cooperating with new teams and testing readiness times, to precision and tactical awareness and reaction at any given moment," said one British sniper.

Over the years, the championship has earned an excellent reputation, and is regularly attended, not only by military snipers from countries such as Austria, Belgium, Finland, Great Britain, Poland, and the United States but also from other police and security services.

The evaluation process was difficult this year since the scores were very close and all targets were hit. Colonel Lipka awarded prizes in several categories; individuals, team winners, and winners in the tactical procedures groups.

"Excellent competition, we are definitely coming back next year," the Americans agreed.

The overall winners were the snipers from the Czech Police. They won first places both as a team and in the individual categories, repeating their win from the previous year.

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By Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

April 13, 2017