Czechs and Slovaks continue to cooperate in joint airspace protection

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

Representatives of the Defence Committees of the Czech Parliament and National Council of the Slovak Republic, who met at the 21st Tactical Air Force Base at Caslav last week, agreed that their mutual cooperation in air defence and joint training will continue.

“During the last year, we have been successfully cooperating with the Slovak Republic in protecting and patrolling the air space of our two countries, and it is essential that we continue this cooperation in order to further strengthen our air forces and joint air force training,” said Colonel Petr Tomanek, Chief of Combat Training at the Czech Air Force Command.

The representatives of both countries agreed that pooling and sharing their air defence and protection capabilities lead to more cost savings, improved training, and enhanced mutual relations not only between the Czech and Slovak Republics but also within NATO. At present, the Czech Air Force is involved in joint training programmes with the German Air Force, and a national air unit programme is also underway with the Polish Air Force.

The L-39 Albatros, used for training, the subsonic L-159 ALCA, and the supersonic SAAB 39 Gripen were presented to the visitors by the Deputy Commanders of the 21st Tactical Air Squadron, Lieutenant Colonel Jaroslav Mika, and Lieutenant Colonel David Kudrna, as well as the entire infrastructure of the Caslav Air Base.

“It is not only the aircraft, but the Gripen System itself that supports the operation of the aircraft; the combination of hardware and software, together with the training of both the air and ground personnel, the assistance of the Swedish support team and training at the Tactical Simulation Centre in Pardubice,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Mika.

March 2, 2015