Czechs and Americans train for attack response in Bagram

Training scenario: A convoy of Czech and American soldiers based in Bagram (Afghanistan) sets out on a routine patrol. A bomb explodes under a vehicle. The convoy stops and the patrolmen ascertain the casualties and damage. They provide first aid, initiate evacuation procedures, and then carry on with their mission.

The training exercise of the patrolmen of the 5th ACR Guard Company and the U.S. Task Force Buffalo tests their reaction and response to an armed attack, and assists in assessing and reviewing procedures already in place in the event of a real-life incident.

The “attack” occurred in January just beyond the limits of the Bagram Air Field base in the Parwan Province. The joint response of the Czechs and Americans comprised providing first aid to three seriously injured soldiers, communicating the incident to commanders, requesting aeromedical evacuation, and the coordination of various other rescue procedures.

The Czech guard companies have been serving in Bagram since October 2013, part of a battalion-size U.S. Task Force. They help protect the major military air lift base of the NATO Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan. The current 5th ACR Guard Company will begin rotation in April this year.

By Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

February 1, 2016