Czechia v Poland 3,000m above ground

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

Polish and Czech airborne instructors were brushing up on their particular skydiving skills last week at a three-day joint training exercise of the 43rd Airborne Battalion in Chrudim.

Professional airborne instructors from the Czech 43rd Airborne Battalion and Polish 18th Airborne Battalion, the 6th Paratrooper Brigade, focused on joint group jumps and coordination during a free fall exercise.

Paratroopers were jumping at a height of 3,000 metres from a CASA aircraft over the town of Chrudim. "The instructors created combined Czech/Polish groups who took up various configurations and formations during the skydiving exercise," said Master Sergeant Pavel Kopecky.

The soldiers opened their parachutes manually at about 1,000 metres and were required to land on confined landing areas.

"Our Polish colleagues were able to test the newly designed Czech OVP 12 SL ‘round’ canopy parachutes which features excellent maneuverability and has a more comfortable touchdown," confirmed Kopecky.

This joint training exercise was just another example of building mutual contacts and interaction between the soldiers as well as sharing information and experiences.

By Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

April 26, 2016