Czech soliders half way into their Mali Mission

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

The Czech soldiers of the 5th Task Force continue their participation in the EU Training Mission in Mali (EUTM Mali). Three months of their six-month rotation scheme has already elapsed.

The main task of the Czech unit is to protect the mission’s Headquarters in Bamako, and accompany and protect military convoys or high-risk personnel on their trips to supervise the the Malian Army training programme.

In recent weeks, Czechs soldiers have carried out a series of patrols and reconnaissance missions, and have also accompanied an Advisory and Training Forces team for talks with local authorities on identifying possible regions suitable for training the Malian armed forces. “Our soldiers have successfully fulfilled their tasks even in regions several hundred kilometres from Bamako,” said Captain Pavel Kraina, Commander of the 5th Task Force.

Apart from routine training and the activation of the rapid response unit, soldiers have undergone a “live” ground MEDEVAC mission, during which they transported a wounded MINUSMA mission member and delivered him to a military aircrew to be flown to the nearest medical facility.

There are four Czech military instructors on the EUTM multinational training team whose main base is the Koulikoro Training Centre. Since the end of April, a sixth of the Malian Battalion have already been trained, and a new batch of soldiers are currently in the process of beginning a new training programme.

June 2, 2015