Czech soldiers help save lives in Wardak

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

The mentoring does not mean just pure theory and advisory activities. During training and passing experience to their Afghan colleagues, also Czech medics from the 1st Military Advisory Team located at the Solthan Kheyl Base, Wardak, Afghanistan, teach and practice life saving support and treatment of patients as a daily routine.

During three months of service in ISAF operation, Afghan and Czech soldiers of this rotation treated more than 500 patients, a hundred of them wounded in action, at the local aid station and surgery named "Vyroubal Village" remembering Czech soldier WO Robert Vyroubal, who was killed in action during his duty in Wardak two years ago.

An increased activity of Czech, Afghan and American medics located at the Solthan Kheyl Base was necessary last week, when a vehicle of the Afghan Public Protection Force was hit by an explosive device causing two deaths and a number of wounds among transported Afghans.

The Czech ROLE 1 medics and soldiers trained in the Combat Life Support together with American medics and Afghans from the 3rd Kandak created smaller teams to take immediate care for seriously wounded and for treatment of light injuries.

After stabilisation, patients capable of transportation were taken by MRAP vehicles to heliport to fly for aftercare and recovery.

Soldiers of Czech 1MAT in Wardak thus provide not only combat advise and support but all other assistance connected with suppression of insurgents who fight official Afghan governmental authorities.

Posted: August 12, 2013