Czech signal unit takes part in NATO operation in Turkey

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

A group of seven soldiers from the Deployable Communication Module (DCM), based at the Operational Systems of Command and Control Centre in Lipnik nad Becvou, left Prague on Friday, 29th August, for the Turkish city of Adana to support the Dutch air defence detachment based threre.

Soldiers from Lipnik nad Becvou joined the allied operation, Active Fence, for the second time. They will continue to support the Dutch air defence units at the Incirlic Air Base in the southeast of Turkey. The first DCM group served in the operation at the beginning of 2013.

The task of the Czech DCM is to provide non-stop data, voice and video communication between the national element of the Dutch Headquarters and the NATO command centre. The Dutch unit has been deployed, along with its air defence system, Patriot, to this region, together with German and American units, in order to boost the NATO Integrated Air Defence System.

"Apart from completing their national training programme, all DCM members have trained for this mission in accordance with instructions from the 3rd NATO Signal Battalion based in the Polish city of Bydgoszcz. Some of the soldiers also participated in courses organised by the NATO Communications and Information Systems School in Italian city of Latina," said 1st Lieutenant Michaela Curikova, Commander of the Czech DCM.

"We have taken part in a number of such international activities in this field. For example, we were responsible for communication during the allied exercise, Steadfast Jazz, held last autumn in Latvia. We are prepared to meet requirements in this operation also," added 1st LT Curikova.

The Czech DCM unit will be deployed in Turkey until January 2015.

September 3, 2014