Czech Police and soldiers test the security of the state border

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

After constructing a humanitarian base for up to 450 people in 48 hours, Czech soldiers and police then carried out a joint training exercise to test the security of the Czech-Austrian border to be prepared to control a potential influx of migrants.

Czech soldiers have been preparing for an escalation of migration that could soon hit country and which could represent a substantial increase in numbers compared to recent months.

At the end of September, soldiers of the 153rd Engineer Battalion, based in Olomouc, were tasked to construct and furnish a humanitarian base at the Libava Military Training Area to accommodate 450 people. The 48 hour deadline was met and the base was then inspected by Minister of Defence Martin Stropnicky and Chief of the General Staff Major General Josef Becvar. The base was later dismantled, along with all the necessary equipment, and transported to a storage area near Olomouc.

”The accommodation consists of heated tents, hygiene facilities, a kitchen, a health care section and, when necessary, clothes distribution counters. It is divided into three sections; a reception centre, and accommodation and technical areas,” explained General Becvar.

The preparation for an influx of migrants continued with the joint training of 500 police and 300 soldiers covering a 227 km-long stretch of the Czech-Austrian border. The deployment, which lasted more than five hours, tested the command, control, and communication between the police and military while monitoring the border. According to Minister of Interior Milan Chovanec, in the event of a real-life situation, the deployment would be carried out over a shorter time frame.

”Today, we tested the capability of our army in protecting the state border and, judging from the results, we can report that it was a very successful exercise,” said Minister of Defence Martin Stropnicky.

October 5, 2015