Czech military surgeons and medics save lives in Afghanistan

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

A strong explosion close to the gate opens the morning of 2 May 2012 for all soldiers serving at the KAIA base in Kabul.

Minutes later, the personnel of the ROLE 3 Military Hospital face the MASCAL signal. It means just one immediate action ahead: reception of a large number of casualties and striving to save their lives.

The reason was a suicide attack to the Green Village Base in close vicinity of the Kabul International Airport – KAIA base. Five bombers killed eight civilians and wounded thirteen others. Also 12 contractors were wounded and six of them were transported to the French Military Hospital at the KAIA within 30 minutes.

The Czech team took care of a Nepal patient, a guards member, who suffered from one limb penetration shot [(penetrating GSW)] and an abdominal shot wounds. Because of massive bleeding the patient was sent from emergency room directly to the operating theatre. “We had to provide lung ventilation, prepare vein insertions and start massive liquid and blood influx,” anaesthetist Major Tomas H. describes dramatic situation.

It took just 20 minutes from reception of the patient to the start of operation. The shots damaged a number of important organs and in connection with the massive bleeding the situation was highly demanding for Czech surgeons.

After a three-hour surgery the patient was stabilised. “The blood loss was assessed to some 2,500 ml, which was close in danger of life, but today we can say that the patient will be, with high probability, O.K in the end,” Major M.D. Tomas Dusek, commander of the 4th Field Surgical Team, gives hope to the wounded. The wounded soldier was then 36 hours in the unit of intensive care. After another necessary operation the patient was fully stabilised, and after 72 hours he was in overall good condition and transported to repatriation back to his home country.

The Czech surgical team reinforces the personnel of the French Military Hospital at the Kabul International Airport. The team comprises two surgeons, an anaesthetist, a practitioner, six nurses and a medical manager. Teams rotate after six months. Besides French surgeons and personnel, also American, Belgian, Bulgarian and Czech personnel serve at the KAIA French Military Hospital.

Posted: May 21, 2012