Czech Generals inducted into the International Honor Roll at the U.S. Air University

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

In recognition of their military career achievements, Major General Bohuslav Dvorak (Ret.) and Brigadier General Libor Stefanik were inducted into the U.S. "International Honor Roll" at the U.S. Air University in Montgomery on December 3rd.

This honour is only given to those Air University's international graduates who hold important posts in the military, or in the state administration of their own country. The U.S. International Officer School named a total of 24 former students from 23 countries to its Honor Roll at a ceremony at Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama.

The ceremony was opened by Lieutenant General Steven L. Kwast, Commander and President of the Air University, who, in his opening speech, emphasized the importance of cooperation and friendship among nations, along with a mutual understanding of each other's cultures, and the elimination of prejudices.

“It is a great honour for me be a commander of the Czech Air Force, which has my full commitment. I am extremely pleased that Air University monitors its graduates' careers, and endorses and organises joint meetings of its present and former students with University leaders,” said General Stefanik upon receiving his certificate.

Czechs in the Honor Roll:

  • Colonel Jan Vana, former Deputy Minister of Defence
  • Brigadier General Jiri Verner, former Commander of Czech Air Force, currently Air Attaché of the Czech Republic to U.S.A.
  • Major General Bohuslav Dvorak, former Deputy Chief of the General Staff, currently Chief of Advisors to Minister of Defence
  • Brigadier General Libor Stefanik, Commander of Czech Air Force

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December 15, 2014