Czech Armed Forces involved in Exercise BLACKOUT 2014

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

An extremely powerful storm destroys key transformers and a massive blackout hits Prague and parts of the Central Bohemian Region last week. Fortunately, this was just a military exercise.

The three-day command post exercise, organised by Prague City Hall, included the declaration of a state of emergency. Military personnel were involved in the planning and decision-making process of the emergency management and rescue operation, in conjunction with other agencies and organisations.

"The goal of the BLACKOUT 2014 exercise was to verify the readiness of various City Hall bodies; the Integrated Rescue System; selected infrastructure facilities, and other coordinating organisations, and to ensure that the sources of power, heating, gas, water and other utilities will be accessible, and that their distribution will continue," explained General Andor Sandor (ret.), and who directly contributed to the planning of this unique exercise.

Security adviser, General Jiri Sedivy (ret.), expanded on the issue saying, "It is a rare experience even for the military. The engagement of these units will be applied to future policies and procedures, in order that the Armed Forces can be ready to respond adequately in the event of such a situation occuring.”

Military teams contributed largely to two major tasks; supplying contingency transport of fuel from state reserves, and providing assistance to the Czech Police.

March 6, 2014