Czech and Polish paratroopers demonstrate their skills during Paratrooper Fire exercise

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

Paratroopers of the Czech 43rd Airborne Battalion and the Polish 18th Airborne Battalion completed their ten-day joint Paratrooper Fire exercise during Operation Moonrider last week, where they destroyed ‘enemy’ airfield support facilities.

One Polish and two Czech platoons kicked off Operation Moonrider by firing mortar bombs at the enemy position. This was followed by helicopter airdrops with the soldiers then securing their attack areas. Their goal was clear; capture and destroy the ‘enemy‘ held Vimmerby airfield, its mobile air control tower, an ammunition storage area, a railway siding, and cut off all supplies to the enemy.

The platoons shielded each other, employing 30mm AGS grenade launchers, CZ 805 Bren attack rifles, Dragunov sniper rifles, and Carl Gustav anti-tank weapons. The operation was successful. Enemy positions were cleared and three platoons pulled back and departed in helicopters.

The exercise took place at the Hradiste Military Training Area in western Bohemia. Paratroopers from the Polish 18th Airborne Battalion of 6th Airborne Brigade and the Czech 43rd Airborne Battalion of 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade focused on marksmanship and airborne and tactical operations training. The exercise will continue with airdrop training in 2016.

“We trained with our Polish colleagues last year, and we consider that these joint exercises are highly beneficial to the soldiers,“ said Colonel Antonin Genser, Deputy Commander of the 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade.

March 23, 2015