Czech airmen in the Netherlands pay tribute to WW II Czechoslovak aircrew

Autor: 222nd Training Squadron

Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the Netherlands Jaroslav Horak, Czech airmen headed by Air Force Commander General Jiri Verner, families of brave Czechoslovak aircrew of WW II, citizens of Petten and Zijpe, and Czech and Dutch guests, attended unveiling of a memorial to remember war heroism for future generations.

The unveiling ceremony remembered the fate of a Czechoslovak aircrew from the 311st Squadron of RAF with their Vickers Wellington KX-B T-2553 which after accomplishing their bombing mission over Wilhelmshaven at the end of 1941 were forced to made an emergency landing at the North Sea. The dinghy with three of them was washed ashore close to the Dutch town of Petten.

The bravery of 1st pilot Sergeant Aloiš Šiška, 2nd pilot Sgt. Josef Tománek, navigator F/O Josef Mohr, board-mechanic F/O Josef Ščerba, front-gunner Sgt. Pavel Svoboda and rear-gunner Sgt. Rudolf Skalický will for ever be remembered by the memorial unveiled in the Netherlands.

Dozens of guests included family members of the aircrew, pilots from Czech 222nd Training Squadron, who initiated erection of the memorial, soldiers of the Great Britain, the Netherlands and the Slovak Republic, Mayor of Zijpe Ms. Marian Dekker, local people, Czech war veterans, aviation and historian representatives, donors, and even eye witnesses of the dramatic appearance of the dinghy at Petten 70 years ago.

Among a lot of other Dutch and Czech people, Mr. Roel Rijks, Mrs. Dagmar Johnson Siskova with her husband, and members of the Šiškova Squadron, deserve exclusive attention for their work in favour of the memorial building and presentation of the ceremony.

In remembrance of the Alois Šiška flight, the present 222nd Training Squadron of the 22nd Air Force Base at Namest nad Oslavou, Czech Republic, bears his name as „Šiškova“.

Posted: October 22, 2012