Czech 10th Field Surgical Team intensifies its work in Kabul

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

The Czech Field Surgical Team serving in the ISAF operation at the French Military Hospital at Kabul International Airport have been coping with a 50% reduction in French medical personnel, despite that fact that there has been no significant drop in the number of incoming patients.

Although the capacity level of the French Military Hospital was decresased from ROLE 3 to ROLE 2, and some of the tasks have been taken over by American medical personnel, the number of patients still did not decrease.

The Czech team has therefore intensified its contribution to the programme of common interest by providing high-quality and timely health care, both for ISAF military personnel and Afghan civilians. “In fact, the number of patients remain the same and, since there are only half the number of French personnel now working with us, it means a considerable increase in duty hours, medical interventions and stand-by hours,“ explained the commander of the team, Lieutenant Colonel Josef Roubal.

“Such a small team of only 13 people covers a wide spectrum of specialities and, moreover, for the first time, we now have two female laboratory technicians working with us,“ said Captain Petr P., who holds the position of liaison officer, and is also responsible for Medical Operations.

Laboratory technician, Warrant Officer 1st Class Radka K. said: “I am delighted to have had the chance be here for a training period for a time before the real deployment. As a result, after my arrival, I was almost immediately able to do the laboratory work.“

This 10th Czech Field Surgical Team is part of the 8th Czech Task Force which is the major unit supporting all other elements of the Czech contribution to the NATO-led ISAF operation in Afghanistan. The present personnel will accomplish their mission this June.

Photo: Captain Marek Maxim Svancara

May 21, 2014