Chinarey Check Point in Afghan Logar still alive

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

The Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team in Afghan Province of Logar helped rebuild the Chinarey Check Point which was attacked and destroyed by insurgents last July.

The Chinarey Check Point is located in a mountain pass reaching 2.5 kilometres above sea level and was originally built as a check point of the Afghan National Police. The policemen checked all the traffic along the road connecting eastern Logar districts of Azra and Koshi, because insurgents often used it as a smuggling path for transport of material and people. No wonder, this place was the site of repeated exchanges of fire, and even fierce fighting.

Insurgents even seized and destroyed the Check Point last July. During repairs, the site was again attacked and three workers were killed. The safety situation did not allow to go on in reconstruction works and the Check Point was not permanently manned by the Afghan Security Forces for some time.

”Because the Chinarey Check Point is important place for keeping security in this unstable part of Logar, we decided to completely reconstruct the building and increase its defence capability,” says Project Manager Marcel Cervinka, Deputy Leader, the civil part of the Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team in Logar.

The reconstruction, which started this June, was accomplished by local contractor using local material, and Czech soldiers bought and delivered fifty seven so called HESCO protection walls for better fortification of the main building. The building was handed over to the Afghan National Army.

”The new Check Point will help Afghan soldiers increase their safety at this dangerous place. The support of the Afghan Security Forces is one of the major tasks of the Czech PRT,” Czech PRT Commander Colonel Josef Kopecky says.

Posted: December 3, 2012