Chief of the General Staff visits military training of newcomers

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces Lieutenant General Josef Becvar visited the town of Vyskov last week to observe the basic training exercises of the new army recruits and new members of the Active Reserve Force.

General Becvar, accompanied by the Chief Sergeant Major of the Czech Armed Forces, Petr Seifert, met with the Active Reserve members during their topography training at the Brezina Military Training Area near Vyskov barracks, the headquarters of the Training Command - Military Academy. Major Seifert explained that the new reservists had come from broad sectors of society, for example, a state administration clerk, a labourer, a municipal policeman, a cook, a mechanical engineer, a car mechanic, an office worker, etc. In fact, the recruits, from the apprentice to the university graduate, had volunteered to take their skills from their civilian career and combine them with similar competencies within the Active Reserve Force.

More funds for Active Reserve members and their employers

"I believe that the recently prepared project for the Active Reserve members, currently going through the legislative process, will deliver higher financial remuneration not only for the reservists but also for their civilian employers who, subsequently, will have better motivation to grant time off for military operations and training here in the Czech Republic and abroad. This project with continually be developed by careful discussion and consideration," explained General Becvar to the reservists.

A record number of 617 army newcomers are being trained in Vyskov

General Becvar then met with the new army recruits who were undertaking their basic training at the Military Academy facilities. The Chief of the Training Centre, Lieutenant Colonel Jiri Studnicny, told General Becvar that several platoons had undergone theoretical training at Dedice barracks, while others had participated in the Ethical Seminar at the Pastoral Centre of the Military Chaplaincy in Lulec, and the remaining recruits had been put through tactical training at nearby bases.

During a personal meeting with the future professional soldiers, General Becvar also asked them about their motivations for joining the military. "At present, we have a shortfall of about five thousand military professionals, but I believe we will soon be able to redress this number. I am delighted to have had the opportunity today to meet and speak to the new blood of our army," said General Becvar.

By Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

November 10, 2015