CASA C-295M: tests confirm the passive defence of the aircraft works

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

Military tests, conducted by Czech aviation security experts, confirmed last week the CASA C-295M transport aircraft of the Czech Air Force are able to safely fly over territories where they could be endangered by an air or ground attack.

“I am very glad I can inform all of you about termination of one long and complicated chapter of our Air Force. Czech military is from now equipped with four fully functioning transport aircraft capable of flying a full spectrum of tasks both at home and abroad,“ Vlastimil Picek, Minister of Defence, said to a crowd of journalists at the Press Conference on Monday 15 July 2013, adding that repeated tests of the DAS [Defence Aviation Safety] system were confirmed by the final protocol signed 12 July 2013. Picek said the result of tests was "sufficient".

Not all the elements of the passive defence system have been working well since the delivery of CASA aircraft in December 2010. Since that time the aircraft have been based at the 24th Air Transportation Base at Prague - Kbely.

A two-year delay in making the passive defence of aircraft working was compensated by penalising the manufacturer, its additional delivery of spare parts and returning of two Czech-made subsonic L-159 ALCA aircraft from Spain, which originally formed some part of the payment for CASAs.

The CASA transport aircraft are reliable part of the Czech Air Force. It confirmed also Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General Petr Pavel: “CASA machines till these days have dependable and under low operational costs flown more than three and half thousand flying hours both at home and abroad. They carry out transport tasks without problems. The fact that the last element is now operational will enable us to deploy the aircraft also over territories with possible dangers of attacking missiles or aiming the aircraft by a radar or a laser beam,“ said Pavel at the Press Conference.

Posted: July 22, 2013