Boleslavska hradba 2011: the largest exercise of the Czech Support Forces

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

Host Nation Support for NATO units on the territory of the Czech Republic was the primary task of the Boleslavska hradba 2011 Exercise, which was held at the Base of Repaired Materiel at Stepanov by Olomouc between 5 - 8 September.

The base at Sepanov, one of the major logistic bases, supplies units of the Czech military with weapons and its systems. This time, in accordance with the scenario of the Exercise, it served as a base receiving Alliance forces on the Czech territory, that could became reality in case of war conflict.

It is the principle of the Host Nation Support practice that in such situation, the Czech military would have to meet Alliance commitments and provide a complex logistic and health support for foreign troops. The Host Nation Support is one the highest political military ambitions of NATO member countries, and at the same time, it is very complicated mission.

Soldiers of the Support Forces trained supplying NATO units both with trucks and trains. They transfered containers from railroad tap-line, loaded trucks and equipment on trains, discharged pallettes and containers using special loaders and a crane. Also repairs of special equipment were demonstrated just to be well prepared, since mechanics, in real life, would for sure repair foreign forces equipment as well.

Exercise included care for wounded persons and their air evacuation. Soldiers also built a tent camp at the Base with overall backing for accommodation of troops.

Exercise personnel had to response to various tasks and model situations which could happen. Operational centres for example had to decide over providing humanitarian relief and guarding endangered objects and areas.

The Boleslavska hradba 2011 was observed by logistics experts from Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania and the United States who gather practical experience in providing logistic and health support for NATO units on the territory of the Czech Republic.

"I am very proud of Support Forces personnel skills. We reached a certain level in the logistic area, which should be maintained in the future," Major General Frantisek Maleninsky, Deputy Chief of the General Staff - Inspector of ACR, said. „I had a chance here to talk with our partners from Germany, Croatia and also with a representative of NAMSA Alliance agency, and I am very delighted of their high regard to our demonstrations during the Exercise.“

Commander of the Support Forces Brigadier General Jan Gurnik, who directed the Exercise, expressed at the end of the event his thanks to all participants for excellent work and professional performace. And General Gurnik added that commander of the Hungarian Armed Forces Logistics Brigadier General Istvan Barath asked him, immediately after the demonstrations, for establishing closer cooperation in the area and asked for sharing experience. At the same time, General Gurnik appreciated work of the Active Reserve, whose personnel guarded the base. „They are well trained and are active members of the Support Units. We can rely on them.“

Posted: September 12, 2011