Belgians occupy south Bohemian military training area

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

A seven-day training exercise of Belgian 12/13 Line Battalion of Prince Leopold has been accomplished at the Boletice Military Training Area in the southern part of the Czech Republic this week.

The personnel of the 12/13 Line Battalion have used most of the training facilities the third largest Czech training area offers. Besides life fires with small arms and tactical drills, Belgian soldiers practiced driving skills will a full range of their vehicles.

And since the route, Czechs use for training with wheeled vehicles, seemed too easy for Belgians, they have chosen the route where normally only drivers of tanks and other tracked vehicles practice their skills.

Both deputy commander of the 12/13 Line Battalion Lieutenant Colonel Bem Lefebvre and liaison officer Captain Thierry Crevecouer expressed their satisfaction with the area, which was prepared in accordance with requirements later included in the Technical Agreement between the Belgian and Czech parties.

This was the third Belgian training exercise held at the Boletice area. In 2005, students and personnel of the Royal Military Accademy of Belgium, and in 2011, personnel of the 1st Battalion of the Belgian Brigade mastered their military skills here. And, it is necessary to add, they would like to come back next year as well.

Posted: March 25, 2012