Battalion field exercises validate combat readiness of the 7th Mechanised Brigade

Over the last two weeks, the 73rd Tank Battalion and the 74th Light Motorised Battalion have been participating in field training exercises at Hradiste and Libava Military Training Areas to refresh, refine and consolidate their combat skills, and promote maximum coordination when engaging with combat support units.

Cargo arriving by rail at Hradiste Military Training Area
Cargo arriving by rail at Hradiste Military Training Area

Approximately 800 professional soldiers equipped with 180 pieces of mission essential-materiel were training in unknown and complex terrain, in a wide range of combact scenarios similar to those expected when engaging with the "enemy".

Live-fire tanks and BMP-2 fighting vehicles taking part in shooting practices, tactical manoeuvres, administering first aid, life-saving procedures, reconnaissance tasks and dealing with stranded vehicles were all backed up by a broad spectrum of logistics support services.

The well-equipped camps were constructed and maintained by the military logisticians who provided a regular supply of energy, fuel, food, and prompt repair services upon request.

Expanding military expertise and training is an ongoing process which enhances soldiers‘ response and reaction times to the ever-changing conditions they experience, and the personnel of both battalions regularly rotate during NATO and European Union foreign operations and missions. Czech soldiers participate in UN and international missions as observers only.

This autumn exercise also enchanced unit-to-unit contacts, improved the exchange of information, and served to reinforce the mantra of previously established teams: "We are the professionals".

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By Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

November 10, 2017