Americans, Czechs and Slovaks capable of sharing vital air space information

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

The American, Czech and Slovak air defence units, last week, tested and demonstrated their interoperability in sharing air space information between air defence commands and control stations, and completed certification at the end of the ten-day Master Harmony 2014 exercise which was held at Caslav airport.

The principal objective of the exercise was to identify whether or not the crews of an air defence command and the control systems of these countries were able to receive, exchange and provide information to and from each other during a situation where a crew from one country may be out of range due to radar surveillance restrictions, or other issues.

“The aim of the test was to confirm joint interoperability which is in keeping with NATO procedures, and this aim was fully accomplished.” said General Petr Pavel, Chief of the Czech General Staff, adding, “Czech systems from the Strakonice unit are earmarked for potential live deployment in the future, and they are also going to be demonstrated during the Iron Sword exercise in Lithuania in less than two weeks.”

“We have proved that we are capable of working within an international environment. We possess full knowledge of all working procedures, and are able to share vital information with our allied partners.” said the Chief of Czech Air Defence Troops, Colonel Jan Sedliacik.

The test exercise was carried out by specialists from the Czech 25th Air Defence Missile Regiment based in Strakonice, the Slovak Anti-Aircraft Rocket Brigade based in Nitra, and the U.S. Air Force and Air Defence Command in Europe.

Although the Czech crew had already tested their system six years earlier with the German air defence units and, more recently, with the Polish crews, this recent test was considered groundbreaking to the Czech crew, as it was the first time that three countries had tested their systems simultaneously.

October 27, 2014