Alliance introduces strategy and guidelines for non-commissioned officers

Czech CSM Ludek Kolesa, Allied Command Transformation Senior NCO and CSM Michael Balch, Allied Command Operations Senior NCO were in attendance of signing the document.

Commanders of both NATO strategic commands, Admiral James Stavridis, Supreme Allied Commander Europe and General Stéphane Abrial and Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, signed early October the document, which defines position and role of NCO Corps within armed forces of NATO countries. “It is the first breakthrough in this field,“ Ludek Kolesa, Czech Senior NCO of the Allied Command Transformation, says.

According to Kolesa, who contributed to the document since 2005, the key role of the present forces do not play only officers, but just NCO and Warrant Officers. Therefore it is important for them to have their “methodic guidelines“. “The Alliance did not pay much attention to this area so far, so it is the first and the principal breakthrough,“ Kolesa says about the document, which he takes as one of his greatest successes in career.

The document, which among others defines capabilities the respective NCO in the specific rank should possess, is now offered for use not only to NATO member countries, but also partner and other countries the Alliance cooperates with.

Kolesa also says that the document could be a valuable inspiration for the Czech military and the Czech Ministry of Defence, which at present prepare the document on the service of career soldiers.

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