All patrols in Afghanistan require detailed practicing

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

The majority of patrols drives of the 9th Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team personnel outside the Shank Base in Afghan Logar is connected with escorting Czech civilian experts to project sites and to talks with local representatives.

Escorts outside the Shank Base can bring different security risks. Patrols of the 9th Czech PRT must provide safe transport of protected persons to their destination, security at the site, and transport back to the Base.

Practicing and training prior to leaving the gateway of Shank is therefore indispensable part of preparation for solving situations the patrols can encounter during escorting civilians. Tactical drills at the base include various manoeuvres and scenarios of responding to an assault, first aid, evacuation of the wounded, and solving equipment failures and other immobility problems. Proving operational conditions of vehicles and radio communication checks form also part of the drills.

The variety of vehicle types used by Czech personnel in Logar also requires practicing to ensure mutual compatibility in towing. Since only the mechanised company is equipped with Austrian Pandur, German Dingo, American MRAP and Czech Tatra vehicles. And it, for sure, does require mutual knowhow and cooperation.

Posted: March 18, 2012