Air defence unit defends command post

A ten-day exercise carried out by the 251st Air Defence Missile Battalion at Zatec training field confirmed its combat readiness and rapid response time in the face of imminent threats to command posts.

The training exercise was a series of simulated scenarios where the highest level Czech military command post was under threat after detecting the presence of an unidentified plane. The air defence personnel received information that the plane had been hijacked by terrorists and the surveillance unit reported that the plane was heading towards the command post.

"For this exercise, we decided that Zatac training field would serve as the fictitious 'Army Command Post', a terrain which the soldiers were unfamiliar with," said Lieutenant Colonel Jaroslav Daverny, Chief of Staff of the 25th Air Defence Missile Regiment based at Strakonice.

The soldiers, who were deployed around the 'Command Post' and using radars and missile launchers, carried out procedures pertinent to the defence of this strategically important compound. These exercises also included completing radio and data transfer checks with the signal troops from Lipnik nad Becvou, the 13th Artillery Regiment Control Center at Jince, and the Communication Agency in Prague.

The enemy’s operations were imitated by the combat simulator at Strakonice."We were feeding our personnel diverse combat training scenarios and then monitoring their response, and we are pleased to report that all tasks were successfully completed. Our commanders and soldiers gained valuable knowledge and experience during these exercises, both in their decision-making activities and in their preparedness for responses to anticipated rocket and missile attacks,” LTC Daverny said during his evaluation of the training exercise.

By Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

November 8, 2016