After twelve years, the Czech military terminate their deployment in Kosovo

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

The last eighteen members of the 2nd ACR Task Force at KFOR who served from this June at the Sajkovac Base in northeastern part of Kosovo arrived in Prague - Kbely military airport on the 3rd November.

Brigadier General Jaroslav Kankia, Deputy Director of the Joint Operations Centre of the Czech MoD welcomes soldiers, whose task was to hand over the Sajkovac Base in Kosovo to local authorities. „For the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, the mission KFOR is over for good. Members of all 23 units, what meant more than eight thousand Czech military professionals, deserve our admiration and a lot of thanks for the job done and for exemplary representation of the Czech Republic,“ Brigadier General Kankia says.

The task of the last contingent of 99 soldiers from 29 Czech military units and installations was totaly accomplished. „All contractual relations are settled,“ Major Nejedly says and adds: „Operational military equipment, weapons and materiel were transported back to the Czech Republic. Part of the materiel, which transport to the republic would not be profitable due to its service life and further use, was handed to our Greek colleagues, who keep fulfilling their operational task. A part of materiel we donated to local government, for example several containers soldiers were accommodated in, and some construction, housing and connecting materiel. “

The hand over ceremony at the Sajkovac Base and termination of activities of the Czech contingent was held on 27 October 2011. Representatives of all parties involved signed the protocol, and after that the new owner, Mr. Ilmi Selimi, Director of the water company, received a symbolic key of the former military base area. The borrowed territory returned back to inhabitants of Kosovo.

Posted: November 6, 2011