After five years Czech PRT leaves Afghanistan

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

Ongoing and ever-rising process of keeping Afghan security by national authorities enables lower engagement of coalition forces in NATO-led ISAF operation in Afghanistan. Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team accomplishes its mission after five years.

Personnel and guests at the Shank Base in Logar province held a ceremony on the occasion of closing activities of the Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team on 31st January 2013. The 10th military unit and a civilian expert group accomplished their service after five years of Czech presence.

During almost five years, from 19 March 2008, more than three thousand four hundred Czech soldiers served at the U.S. Base Shank in 10 rotations while the immediate size of any unit varied from 198 to 293 personnel. They realised 3,342 patrols and 2,580 operations.

There were almost 50 Czech civilian experts who rotated in five teams. With support of local authorities, contractors and Czech and American soldiers they realised 138 reconstruction and development projects and 107 the so called Quick Impact Projects.

"I am proud we could, together with Afghan partners and coalition forces, contribute to development of the province," says Colonel Josef Kopecky, commander of the 10th Czech PRT unit at his address during the ceremony.

Achievements of a five-year presence of Czechs in Logar and further development of gradual leaving the Shank Base were discussed by Czech First Deputy Defence Minister Vlastimil Picek, First Deputy Foreign Minister Jiri Schneider and First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Czech military Major General Miroslav Zizka at ISAF Headquarters in Kabul with ISAF Senior Civilian Representative Maurits R. Jochems.

Posted: February 4, 2013