A tank battalion acquires new skills

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

"The best help-hand you find at the end of your arm" saying, joined with effort to save time and money, led specialists of the 73rd Tank Battalion to learn new procedures and be able to disassemble, service, repair and maintain "the insides" of tanks at their base at Praslavice avoiding previous practice to send them to the Military Repair Enterprise at Senov u Novy Jicin.

It was for the first time, when battalion's repair mechanics dissasemble the tower of a T-72M4CZ tank to service it.

"The preparation of disassembling the tower has taken two days when all cabling, commander's electronic unit, sensors, memory unit, air distribution system and many other sets had to be disconnected," Lieutenant Jan Zemanek, leader of the repair platoon, explained.

The hoisting and handling with almost 12 tons heavy tower needed precise work and cooperation with crane operator but its assembling and setting by two days later was even more demanding.

"By newly acquired capability the 73rd Tank Battallion will substantially shorten time of repairs and service operations. But insignificant is also saving money which can be used for other repairs," Lieutenant Colonel Jiri Hrazdil, commander of the battalion, said.

Till these days, tanks were servised by the Military Repair Enterprise (officially: VOP CZ s.p.), a state owned enterprise, at Senov u Novy Jicin, where maintenance specialists of the battalion learned their lessons for almost a year.

Posted: September 16, 2013