A group of Afghan helicopter pilots finalises its training

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

Czech aviation instructors of the 8th Air Advisory Team unit (ISAF) in Kabul prepare a group of Afghan helicopter pilots to the final phase of the training before their real flying life.

A new generation of Afghan helicopter pilots has undergone a basic training at American air bases while some of them have gone also through advanced preparation in the Czech Republic - at the Helicopter Training Point in Ostrava and the Aviation Training Centre in Pardubice.

In the Czech Republic, Afghan pilots received both ground and flying training lessons and retraining for Mi-17 Russian-made helicopters which are used within the Afghan Air Force. They are young, educated, with no problems in communication and represent a considerable hope for the local air force.

The final phase of training flown from the Kabul International Airport includes flying and piloting in mountainous conditions, drills of landing, group flying, coordination with other crews and discipline in combat-proven tactical procedures and practice. The scenery for this demanding training is framed with Afghan mountains west of Bagram with beautiful landscape of Hindu Kush foothills in the east.

The training is a common job of ground and flying technicians, pilots and weapons operators in keeping the flying machines in good shape, through the thorough ground maintenance and effectiveness in flying mission duties.

Czechs go on in training and mentoring Afghan pilots to stand up as respected part of the Afghan Air Force within the Afghan National Army forces.

Pictures by: Captain Roman Lukas, Chaplain of the 6th ACR Task Force ISAF, and members of the 8th AAT in KAIA, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Posted: March 18, 2013