Agency for Services

The Agency for Services reports to the Deputy Minister of Defence. It provides complete logistic support to organisational units of the Ministry and specified directly subordinated military units and installations, including providing transportation.

The Agency organises physical training of ministerial employees within the Prague garrison.

In a sphere of foreign activities of the Ministry of Defence, the Agency provides services for organisational units of the Ministry in the field of financial and logistic support of foreign assignements/workplaces and their personnel. The Agency supports organisational units in planning, implementation and evaluation of foreign trips and visits and takes care of overall passport and visa services. It is also responsible for support and financial reinbursement of air transport of constitutional/governmental officials.

The director of the Agency controls also a unit responsible for small scale public tenders.

Seat and Address:

Agentura sluzeb
Generala Piky 1
CZ 160 05 Prague 6


  • Radovan Neuzil
    (Acting Director)

Phone: +420 973 216 901


Ms. Jana Pospisilova
Phone: +420 973 216 911
Fax: +420 973 216 904


  • Internal Administration Department
  • Assets Management Department
  • Financial and Foreign Support Department
  • Department of Services
  • Unit for Small Scale Public Tenders

Contact person: Mr. Jan Keprt, phone: +420 602 742 324

September 8, 2018