Field Surgical Team, Iraq

1st ACR Task Force of the Field Surgical Team in INHERENT RESOLVE operation in Iraq.

The main task of the FST is the medical support and health care for coalition and Iraqi armed forces personnel.

Field Surgical Team, Iraq

The unit was composed of the Military Medical Agency members and complemented by soldiers from the the Central Military Hospital in Prague and other military units and facilities. The professional core was formed by a couple of surgeons, one anaesthetist, middle medical personnel and other specialists.

Members of the 1st ACR Task Force of the Field Surgical Team left for Iraq on the 5th December from Prague-Ruzyne airport. In Iraq, the unit was integrated with an American Field Hospital of ROLE 2 level till the 7th June. FST returned back home on 17th June 2017.


The Czech Government has agreed with the deployment of the Field Surgical Team to the Republic of Iraq by its resolution No. 877 dated 5th October 2016. The deployment was supported by both chambers of the Czech Parliament by their resolutions dated 19th October and 20th October 2016.

Last update: June 21, 2017