ALTHEA - EUFOR - 15th Group

The key objectives of ALTHEA are:
- to provide Capacity Building and Training to the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AFBiH), supporting them in their progression towards NATO standards
- to provide deterrence and continued compliance with the responsibility to fulfil the role specified in Annexes 1A and 2 of the Dayton/Paris Agreement (General Framework Agreement for Peace in BiH); and
- to contribute to a safe and secure environment in BiH, in line with its mandate, and to achieve core tasks in the OHR's Mission Implementation Plan and the Stabilization and Association Process (SAP).

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Operation of the European Union EUFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina - ALTHEA

The European Union took over responsibility over the multinational operation on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina from NATO forces on 2nd December 2004.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Personnel of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic re-joined the operation in June 2010 when two officers have started their rotation tour at the EUFOR Headquarters in Sarajevo. The previous engagement of Czech soldiers was accomplished in June 2008.

While the first group of Czech assignement was commanded by Major Jiri Hanke, the second group was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Jiri Kubik since December 2010, the fifth group was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Ludek Krc. The current 15th group is commanded by Major Miroslav Havelka who assumed the operational task on 7th June 2017. The group stays at the Butmir Base in Sarajevo. The commander holds the position of the Senior Officer of the Management Storage Group and Major Tomas Macek is a specialist on mass destruction weapons. They directly contribute to training and capabilities development of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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December 5, 2017