The United Nations Disengagement Observer Force - UNDOF

The mission UNDOF was established by the UN Security Council Resolution No. 350 dated 31st May 1974 as a measure to keep peace between the State of Israel and Syria, to supervise ceasefire and withdrawal of Israeli and Syrian forces from the zone of separation as agreed by the "Agreement on Disengagement" from May 1974. The mandate of the mission is regularly renewed every six months.

With regard to the current war in Syria, which has also hit the territory of the Golan Heights, the mission can implement its mandate on the Israeli terrirory only, that is approximately over one third of the original zone of separation. But the ambition to return the implementation of the mission to the original territory still exists.

The UN asked the Czech Republic to take three posts in the UNDOF command structure in February 2015 and following a proposal of the Czech Ministry of Defence, and resolution of the Czech Government No. 290 dated 22 April 2015, both Chambers of the Parliament agreed in May and June 2015 respectively to contribute to the mission. The first group of the Czech observers began their service in the UNDOF on 5th July 2015.

The second group of three Czech soldiers assumed its duties in the UNDOF mission on 15 July 2016.

The third group of two officers assumed its duties in July 2017. The fourth group of three officers assumed its duties in August 2018. Commander of the group is Lieutenant Colonel Pavel Rys. The Czechs serve at the CAMP ZIOUHANI, the temporary command post of the mission on the Israeli part of the separation territory. At the mission staff, they hold posts of officers for training and information technology. Their rotation is supposed to be after 12 months.

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September 12, 2018