10th ACR Guard Company at Bagram Air Field (RSM)

The task of the 10th ACR Guard Company BAF (BAF – Bagram Air Field), ACR Task Force, on the allied Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan is to carry out security measures in the northern part of Bagram, Parwan Province, within joint operations with Americans and Afghan partners. Their goal is to deflect hostile activities against the allied base.

The task is implemented by vehicles' and on-foot patrols.

The size of the 10th company is 173 soldiers.

The commander assumed the operational task on April 15, 2018 and his unit will serve at Bagram till October 2018.

The core of the unit is formed by personnel of the 42nd Mechanised Battalion "Svatovaclavsky" based at Tabor.

The company is complemented by specialists from the following military units:

4th Rapid Deployment Brigade Zatec
53rd Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare Regiment Opava
15th Engineer Regiment Bechyne
22nd Helicopter Air Base Sedlec, Vicenice u Namest nad Oslavou
103rd CIMIC/PSYOPS Centre Olomouc
Military Medical Agency Hradec Kralove

Captain Viktor Patia

Commander of the 10th ACR Guard Company BAF:

  • Captain Viktor Patia




Previous Czech units at Bagram


September 11, 2018