Preventive Care Department at Ceske Budejovice

The Preventive Care Department based at the South Bohemian city of Ceske Budejovice is a health care facility of the Military Health Institute responsible for anti-epidemic and hygienic support within the Czech military.

Military Health Institute


  • Anti-epidemic and hygienic support of troops of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic (ACR)
  • Laboratory and expertise activities (both on the Czech territory and Czech military foreign deployments)
  • Biological protection
  • Operation of the Vaccine House of ACR
  • Operation of the Serum Bank of ACR


Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Petr Douda

Deputy Director:
Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Radovan Smetana


Ministry of Defence
Military Health Institute
Tychonova 221/1
CZ 160 00 Prague 6
Czech Republic

Military Facility 1370
Komenskeho 1915
CZ 370 04 Ceske Budejovice
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 973 321 601
Fax: +420 973 321 612

Contact person: Mr. Milan Skulec, Phones: +420 973 321 607 and +420 725 182 250
August 26, 2018