Personnel Agency

The Personnel Agency is a management, professional, methodical and executive body of Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces for implementation of all tasks related to personnel and humanitarian service within the Czech military.

Tasks of the Personnel Agency (PA) include planning of needs and development of human resources, recruiting, managment of careers' growth, evaluation of professional qualities of soldiers, education, keeping personnel records, development and operation of the Service and Personnel Information System, forming healthy lifestyle, prevention of socially unacceptable phenomena, personnel support of troops deployed in and out the Czech Republic, and support of allied forces on the Czech territory within the Host Nation Support.

Director of the PA directly reports to Chief of the General Staff.


Deputy Directors:

  • Colonel Daniel Harcar
  • Ivo Vaclavicek


Personnel Agency
Namesti Svobody 471/27
CZ 160 01 Prague 6 – Bubenec

Phone: +420 973 216 311
Fax: +420 973 216 330


  • Directorate
    • Administration Activities
    • Economic Affairs Group
  • Career Management
  • Personnel Department for General Staff
  • Personnel Department for land and air forces
  • Personnel Information Department
  • Education and Retraining Department
  • Recruiting Department
  • Humanitarian Service Section
  • Human Resources Expert Services Section
  • Internal Admin Section

Contact person: Michal Misik,, phone: +420 973 217 571

September 27, 2018