Support Division

The Division is responsible for concept, control, professional and methodical management of the logistics, communication and information systems, and military medical service.

It administers movable assets of the defence department, provides for material assets for the military under any state of defence. It manages material resources in case of mobilisation, implements arrangements for crisis situations.

It manages material and finance means in the area of the logistics, CIS, and military medical service. It is a national military authority for administration of non-civil and shared bands of radio spectrum in the Czech Republic. It represents MoD in the Central Crisis Staff.

Major General Jaromir Zuna

Director of the Support Division:

Deputy Director:

Colonel Jaroslav Schon

Contact to the Directorate:

Phone: +420 973 214 302
Fax: +420 973 214 300


Directly subordinated agencies:

Contact person: Major Stefan Valisik, phone: +420 973 214 342 and
+420 724 549 438
April 29, 2018