Capability Planning Division

The Capability Planning Division of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic is responsible for the management of defence planning tasks focusing on the planning and development offorce capabilities within the Czech Armed Forces (CAF).

The MoD Capability Planning Division (CPD) is the policy-making authority responsible for mobilisation in support of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, the Czech citizens’ liability to conscription, and operational preparation of the national territory.

It is in charge of the development of wartime structure of the armed forces and their mobilisation, the mobilisation build-up system, recruiting personnel for the Active Reserve Component, as well as the development of build-up procedures and of the Doctrine of the Czech Armed Forces.

The MoD CPD is also responsible for planning the basing of military units and assignment of personnel based on their occupational specialities in the given calendar year. In addition, it develops the Annual MoD Activity Plan and coordinates the Czech Armed Forces into the Medium-term Development Plan.

The MoD CPD coordinates the process of maintaining and developing the CAF capabilities. It is responsible for physical training in the CAF. It performs the state administration functions in the military regions containing Military Training Areas and organises their use. The Division administers military occupational specialities in the responsibility of Director MoD CPD.


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Contact to the Directorate of the Division:
Phone: +420 973 217 502


  • Capability Planning Department
  • Material and Resources Planning Department
  • Defence Preparations Department
  • Support Section
  • Arms Control Agency
  • Military Regions Section

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October 26, 2018