Special Forces Directorate

The Special Forces are independent forces’ branch which provides the Czech Republic with a highly flexible and effective strategic tool for securing its defence and security.

Special Forces

The Special Forces Directorate has direct command and control over all Special Operation Forces. It coordinates the overall planning, training, activities and potential engagements of special troops.

The capabilities of these forces include a full spectrum of special operations: special reconnaissance and intelligence activities, offensive actions, support and influence engagements.

The troops of special forces are tasked with unconventional missions when direct actions neutralise the enemy with specific individual engagement and unprecedented force. Due to their unique training, equipment and skills, soldiers of special forces often operate behind the enemy lines.

In support of the Special Forces’ higher mobility, the Czech Air Force earmarks a helicopter unit, the Special Operations Air Detachment.


Seat and Address:

General Staff of CAF
Directorate of Special Forces
Vitezne namesti 5
CZ 160 00 Prague 6 – Dejvice


Office of the Director

Phone: +420 973 212 003
Fax: +420 973 212 004
E-mail: czesofcom@army.cz
Web: Special Forces Directorate (www.respecs.cz/...)

Immediately subordinated units:


September 27, 2018