General Vlastimil PICEK

Chief of the General Staff of ACR

Armádní generál Ing. Vlastimil Picek

In 1975, he commenced his military career with the signal troops of the Czechoslovak People's Army. He served at command positions with units and staffs of Air Force and Air Defence of the State Command. During 1996 and 2003, he held the highest positions in his profession within the signal troops as Chief of the Signal Corps, and at the same time he served as Chief of Command and Control Division of the General Staff. In May 2003, he became Chief of the Military Office of President of the Czech Republic. During his service as Chief of the General Staff of ACR, a huge reorganisation of the whole system of command and control of the Czech military has been carried out. It included optimalisation of the military, reestablishment of the non-commissioned officers corps, considerable modernisation of equipment, armaments and providing overall supplies within Czech military units.