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Namest nad Oslavou, September 4, 2014

Czech Air Force Hosts International Forward Air Controller Exercise

From 3 to 15 September 2014 the International Tactical Exercise AMPLE STRIKE 2014 (AMSE14) will take place in the Czech Republic. Almost 1,400 participants and some 30 aircraft from 12 NATO Nations will take part in AMSE14. The exercise is organized and conducted by the Czech Republic and assisted by NATO’s HQ AIRCOM located at Ramstein, Germany.

The AMSE14 joint exercise provides training opportunities for Forward Air Controllers (FACs) from NATO Nations that go through challenging scenarios to hone their skills of coordinating tactical air operations with NATO pilots. The FACs are trained in procedures of direct air support, standardization and interoperability with aircraft from several NATO nations. AMSE14 also offers the Czech Republic an opportunity to further develop host nation skills.

AMSE 14 will take place primarily at 22nd Helicopter Base, Namest nad Oslavou, and 21st Tactical Air Force Base, Caslav, and in military training areas Boletice and Libava; ground forces elements support operations will take place at the 15th Engineer Regiment, Bechyne.

"The life exercise including flying activities will take place from 8 to 12 September every day from 9 am until 11 pm, mainly in the areas of Namest, Libava, Boletice and Bechyne. Night flights will be limited to the minimum required number," says exercise commanding officer Colonel Miroslav Svoboda, who is the deputy commander of 22nd Helicopter Base.

Twelve NATO member states (Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, United Kingdom, USA) are scheduled to participate in the exercise; they will either contribute with aircraft or with FACs and instructors.

The aircraft supporting AMSE14 are Czech. Lithuanian and Slovak L-39 Albatros, Czech L-159 Alca, Czech JAS 39 Gripen, US Air Force F-16s, German PC-9 and LearJet as well as Czech Mi-35, Czech and Slovak Mi-17 and Mi-171 helicopters and US Army AH-64 Apache attack helicopters. A Czech C-295 Casa transport aircraft will support the exercise this year.

AMSE14 is a continuation of exercise series such as Flying Rhino and Ramstein Rover that provided training for the FAC capability for international operations like the one NATO has conducted in Afghanistan.

More information on exercise AMSE 14 is being posted on this websites of the Czech Ministry of Defence ( and of 22nd Helicopter Base (

Contacts: Maj. Magdalena Dvorakova, Public Communications Department, General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces, and
Capt. Jana Skrivankova, 22nd Helicopter Base Sedlec/Vicenice Namest nad Oslavou, Email: