History: Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle BVP-1

This is a light combat amphibious tracked vehicle (known also under acronym BMP) with high manoeuvrability equipped with huge weaponry and armoured protection. Its capabilities increase the firepower and movement operations of mechanised units even if weapons of mass destruction were used.

The vehicle is equipped with a 73 mm cannon type 71 with a smooth barrel, coupled 7.62 mm PKT tank machine gun and a launching rail for anti-tank guided missiles. Thanks to its armour and air-tight inner space with filter-ventilation devices, it provides good protection against the blast wave and effects of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons in its movement through contaminated terrain.

Basic Technical Data

Combat weight: 13,000 kg
Crew: 3 + 6
Maximum speed: 65 km per hour
Operation range: 500 to 600 km
Maximum floating speed: 7 km per hour

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