Mil Mi-24 - NATO code: HIND

It is a two-engine attack helicopter designed for close air support of ground forces against armoured targets, and for transport of personnel.


This is a two-engine, turbo-shaft multipurpose helicopter, whose design is based on the Mil Mi-2 "HOPLITE". However, the W-3A SOKOL differs considerably from its predecessor in terms of its outer dimensions and improved construction consistency.

Mil Mi-8 - NATO code: HIP

This is medium multipurpose two-engine helicopter of classic design of Russian make with a five-bladed main rotor and a three-bladed anti-torque tail rotor. Its NATO code marking is "HIP", and it is one of the most extensively used helicopters all over the world. Together with the Mi-17 helicopter type, it is flown in 49 countries until the present day.

Mil Mi-2 - NATO code: HOPLITE

This is a light multipurpose two-engine helicopter of Russian design with classic arrangement of a three-blade bearing and a two-blade balance rotor. It is designed to replace the predecessor - type Mi-1 - and it can be used for transportation of personnel and cargo, and for training and reconnaissance tasks including rescue operations.

Mil Mi-17 - NATO code: HIP-H

This is a medium multipurpose two-engine turbo-shaft helicopter of classic arrangement with a five-bladed main rotor and a three-bladed anti-torque tail rotor, designed predominantly for transport of personnel. The basic version of the Mi-17 has the NATO code of "HIP-H".