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This is a short range air defence equipment effective at 5 to 10 kilometers. NATO classification is SHORAD – short air defence.

RBS 70 Bofors

Video footage from training of air defence units.

This is a portable anti-aircraft short-range Russian made missile of the first generation designed to defeat sub- and supersonic low flying targets.


The transporter is designed for a short-time protection of the ready-to-fire missiles against climatic influences, for their transport and for loading into the launching platform/ramp of the combat vehicle.


This is an anti-aircraft missile system called the S-10M for short. It is designed to attack enemy aircraft. The system includes either the 9A34 or 9A35 combat vehicle, and 9M37 missiles.

9K35M STRELA-10M - NATO code: SA-13 GOPHER - MTLB transporter

This is an anti-aircraft missile system, which poses the latest and the most effective means to destroy air targets.


This is a self-propelled tactical air defence missile system designed to attack aircraft, cruise missiles and attack helicopters at low and medium altitudes. The system was developed by the Russian Torpov company and was produced by the Vympel MKB and NIIP companies. In 1970, the system was first introduced into operational use.

Protiletadlový raketový komplex

This is a self-propelled twin-cannon air defence gun. The two 30mm cannons are mounted on a Praga V3S truck chassis, with a special adaptation including armour plates. The coupled cannon is a gun designed for immediate air defence of units. Its construction enables the conduct a fire against air targets moving at speeds lower than 1000 km per hour.


The VERA S/M is a product of the ERA Inc. of Pardubice in the Czech Republic. The system, as an independent source of information on air situation, can meet tasks of a monitoring and a back-up system for radar systems of the Air Traffic Control Centre of the Czech Republic.

VERA S/M Passive Surveillance System