Joint patrols with Afghans prove safer, claim Czech soldiers guarding Bagram

26.1.2015 • The personnel of the 3rd Guard Company, who have already served more than one hundred days at the Bagram Air Field, have begun organising joint patrols with the Afghans guarding the largest Resolute Support base in Afghanistan, consequently establishing stronger professional relations with the units of the Afghan National Army (ANA).

Joint patrols with Afghans prove safer, claim Czech soldiers guarding Bagram
The Czech Senate agrees to the dissolution of the Brdy Military Region, along with the downsizing of four other military regions

The House of Deputies, and the Senate of the Czech Parliament approved the dissolution bill for the Brdy Military Region, and the downsizing of the Libava, Boletice, Hradiste and Brezina Military Regions. The bill will…

Czech Armed Forces' equipment numbers in 2015

Having observed its international commitments, the Czech Republic has published its annual report on equipment size of the Czech Armed Forces and arms control measures.

Czechs to participate in the new 'Resolute Support' mission which replaces the ISAF operation in Afghanistan

In 2015, when the ISAF mission is completed, and training, advice and assistance for the Afghan security forces and institutions will continue through a new, follow-on NATO-led mission called 'Resolute Support',

More ammunition en-route from Pardubice to Iraq's Kurds

The American C-17 Globemaster aircraft shipped the final part of the Czech Republic’s defence gift to Iraq from Pardubice Airport to Erbil International airport, Iraq, on 20th December.