GROUND PEPPER 2014: Cooperation, Unity and Cohesion

20.10.2014 • The Czech military contingent is the second largest unit taking part in the week-long multinational field training exercise, GROUND PEPPER 2014, which is being held at the Lest Training Centre in the Slovak Republic until 22nd October.

GROUND PEPPER 2014: Cooperation, Unity and Cohesion
11th October 1914: A key date for the formation of the modern Czech Armed Forces

A hundred years ago, the Czech Centuria, the first volunteer unit composed of Czechs and Slovaks in the Eastern Front, took an oath at Sophia Square in Kiev, Ukraine. The unit was to become the core of the future…

Minister Stropnicky visits air defence unit

Minister of Defence Martin Stropnicky had high praise for the well-trained personnel of the 25th Air Defence Missile Regiment during his visit to its base in Strakonice last week.

SHARP LYNX 2014 - Multi-National Military Police exercise back in the Czech Republic

After five years, the NATO MNMPBAT (Multinational Military Police Battalion) returns to the Czech Republic to determine its capabilities during the Command Field Exercise (CFX).

Acquisition of 3D MADR radars

The Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic has decided to acquire a three-dimensional Mobile Air Defence Radar (MADR) capability through an international competitive bidding process. With a view to the centrality of…