Graduation ceremony at the University of Defence

30.7.2014 • Minister of Defence Martin Stropnicky and top military officials attended the graduation ceremony at the University of Defence at the end of its 10th academic year.

Graduation ceremony at the University of Defence
Warrior of the Week is a Czech soldier

Czech air technician, WO1st Class Bohuslav H., serving with the Air Advisory Team's ground personnel in Kabul, in the ISAF operation, was awarded the prestigious title of Warrior of the Week for his outstanding work in…

3rd Guard Company prepares for deployment

The 3rd Guard Company of the Bagram Air Field (3rd GC BAF) carried out a field training exercise at the Military Training Area in Libava from 7 to 11 July in order to test its operational capability before September's…

Field Surgical Team begins working under American command in Kabul

The Czech 11th Field Surgical Team (FST) serving at the Kabul International Airport Base, in the NATO-led ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) operation, has now come under the command of the U.S. Field…

International parade commemorates Czech Army day

Czech Armed Forces day was marked by an exhibition parade of six central European Armed Forces Honour Guards at Wenceslas Square in Prague last week.