Czech medical detachment assists Slovenia with migration management

8.2.2016 • As part of the BLED 2016 exercise being held in Slovenia, the third rotation of Czech military surgeons, medics and support personnel left the Military Medical Agency base at Hradec Kralove last week to join the Slovenian Armed Forces in order to help them deal with the migration flow.

Czech medical detachment assists Slovenia with migration management
Czechs and Americans train for attack response in Bagram

Training scenario: A convoy of Czech and American soldiers based in Bagram (Afghanistan) sets out on a routine patrol. A bomb explodes under a vehicle. The convoy stops and the patrolmen ascertain the casualties and…

New recruitment drive and equipment modernisation imminent

The recent changes in legislation and the increase in funding for the Czech Armed Forces will boost the recruitment of soldiers to around two thousand for this year. The changes will also set in motion the procurement…

Brdy Military Region becomes Protected Landscape Area

The establishment of a Protected Landscape Area in the former Brdy Military Region, and the downsizing of four other military regions came into effect on 1st January 2016 in compliance with Czech Law No. 15/2015 Coll.

Government ratifies the ‘Concept of the Czech Armed Forces 2025’

The government of the Czech Republic has agreed on and ratified the long-awaited document – the ‘Concept of the Build-up of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic 2025’ at its last session on 21st December.